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Church Questions For The De-Chuched Crowd


April 6, 2018

Ep22 - Antisocial Media

This episode is very fitting as we return to the ranch to discuss our social media profiles, or lack there of. How connected is the Facebook generation and are those connections authentic? And please enjoy our special unplugged intro.


Things to consider:

Where do you put your social media value?

How much time do you give social media vs face to face time?

What’s your feelings when others are posting?

Where is your voice?

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March 15, 2018

Ep21 - Science and Church

Heres where the last episode should have ended up. Joe and Jesse talk about the overlaps of science and Church. Join us as we discuss the Big Bang, evolution, and bananas in this totaly "mobile" edition.

Things to ponder...

What's your interpretation of 7 day creation? Is literal? Poetic? BOTH?

How much do you openly research viewpoints opposing your own?

How well can you argue AGAINST your own beliefs?

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Today’s episode started off to be a discussion of the science behind Church. So much for that.  This topic quickly devolved into our relationships with others and how we have lost the ability to discuss issues. We push away people based off of preconceptions and different opinions. Join Joe as he alone has a discussion with a very special guest, HIS WIFE!


Questions to ponder:

What is your view between science and the Bible?

What is a topic you are against bringing up because you’re afraid of someone’s retaliation?

Who have you pushed away based on their beliefs?

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February 6, 2018

Ep19 - Gods Kingdom

Gods kingdom is complicated and selective... or is it? In this episode, we look at how god's kingdom is explained in the bible and how it relates to us. Joe goes compleately off the rails as Jesse struggles to figure out what the hell he's trying to say. 

Questions covered:

What is your perception of Heaven or the kingdom?

Who is in the kingdom with you?

How does current church culture look like compared to how Jesus explained it?

Is it here or later?

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January 17, 2018

EP18 - Wayward Followers

This is the end of Zao Podcast!! Dont worry, its also the begining of something new. We start this episode with some exciting news about the podcast direction. After, we discuss what does God's call look like to us. How can we answer it. Join us for the last episode of Zao church podcast, and the first of The Wayward Followers!


Questions from the podcast:


What is god calling you to do, that you don’t want to?

Who is in your community?

How can it make you or them different?



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November 29, 2017

Ep17 - Life Balance

Putting out a podcast is time consuming. The more episode that go by, the more work that seems to be needed to keep it going. So when can we find the time to advance our career, raise our kids, keep up a social life, and do house chores? Keeping a balanced life is critical for not only time management, but staying sane as well.

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November 15, 2017

EP16 - The Cult of Religion

How can a Cult call themselves a religion and why aren't religions considered a cult? At a hard scrutiny of the terms, we ponder how that line has been flirted with, and perhaps crossed. As always, we’re not here to pass judgment, but insight and understanding never hurt anyone.

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Addiction can take many forms. Drugs, alcohol, food, even gossip.  Everyone struggles and with so many temptations, life becomes a battle of will and wits to overcome. Join us as we talk about our personal addictions and struggles that keep us from becoming more like Christ.

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There is an expectation in the church world that everyone has had the same information passed to them. Whether it is bible stories, christian music, or sunday school experiences. This is a culture all its own and unchurched people have no clue what the pentecost is.

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*WARNING* Unlucky episode 13 and perhaps our most polarizing topic yet. We talk about The Nashville Statement and what it means to chrisians around the world. Although it may be a touching on controversial subjects, we believe it needs to be discussed. If you are unfamiliar with the statement, feel free to check it out before you listen at the link below.



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